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1. Farmer Loretta

2. Bad Dog

3. Heavyweight

4. Mother Lover

5. Sin City Baby

6. We Could Have It All

7. Bullets

8. Crawlin'

9. Cinderella

10. Rock Diva





SPIDER is already satisfying long-term fans and winning over new ones, with high-energy, power-riffed tracks like ‘Farmer Loretta’, ‘Bad Dog’, ‘Mother Lover’ and ‘Rock Diva’ and strong, story-driven lyrics peppered with the band’s trademark cheek and irreverence.


The long-awaiting album comes bearing an aura of nostalgia along with the celebration, with SPIDER dedicated ‘in loving memory of Zoran ‘Spider’ Romic’, who passed away in 2012. Romic was the band’s guitarist and song writing partner with front man Adam Thompson. The pair co-wrote ‘Heavyweight’, the third track on SPIDER, several years ago, and its presence in the album’s line-up is significant.


"It probably sounds a little metaphysical, but there are times even now when I'm writing by myself or with someone else and I can often hear him telling me, 'don't do that, try this', reflects Thompson in a recent interview.


‘There are many times when I get that metaphysical knock on the shoulder saying ‘just try something different here’.”


Chocolate Starfish are living up to their reputation for delivering great music and a killer show, currently wowing audiences in the 2018 Red Hot Summer Tour.


What the fans are saying about SPIDER:


‘Another album of awesome songs...’


‘Fantastic, gutsy, rockin’ album!’


‘Now this is music. Yessss!!!’