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INXS’s KICK album proved to be such a hit in the Chocolate Starfish Classic Albums Series that the band will be KICKing on in 2019 with another tour. After a spectacularly successful string of sold-out shows and packed houses, the ‘Fish will give fans one last KICK before cracking the next Classic Album.


In 2018 the inaugural ‘KICK:INXS’ show at The Palms at Crown quickly sold out and spawned a flurry of demand and a multi-state tour. With their powerhouse performances and magnetic stage presence, the ‘Fish are a perfect fit to bring this much-loved album to the stage. The band performs ‘KICK’ from start to finish – just like an album is meant to be experienced – honouring its revered tracks in true Chocolate Starfish style. As always, the band gives audiences what they know and love about a Chocolate Starfish show – pure, unadulterated entertainment, with performances imbued with intensity and revelry…and, as always, a few surprises. Why KICK? “It seemed a natural choice,” frontman Adam Thompson muses. “We wanted to showcase an Australian album that had – and still has – a massive impact, and ‘KICK’ ticks all those boxes.


It’s an exciting honour to bring this to life in our own way.” With a new album in tow, back-to-back Red Hot Summer Tours and a second ‘KICK’ tour in the works, the ‘Fish show no signs of slowing down.

Adam Thompson – vocals

John “Stones” Nixon – bass

Darren Danielson – drums

Norm Falvo - keys

Zakk Zedras - guitar

Pete Mitchell - saxophone

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