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1. Accidentally Cool

2. April the Fool
3. Black Diamond Love
4. Mountain 
5. Sign of Victory
6. Holy Water
7. Clash
8. Tin Man
9. Four Letter Word
10. Don't Play God

Born Again Versions

Chocolate Starfish were acclaimed as “the best live band of their era”. It was the 1990’s and Starfish were rocking the country’s biggest venues in a style they've become renowned for ...loud, brash and bold! 


Not often does the word 'beautiful' come to mind when talking Starfish, but these “Born Again Versions” are exactly that! This album offers acoustic renditions of the Chocolate Starfish hits, a captivating album will cast new light on these monumental songs! 


“Born Again Versions” will give you a rich and chocolaty taste of the live show coming up. Relaxed, seductive and steamy, in an intimate-red-hot, setting! Just the way the Starfish like it...


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