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Adam tells us about what to expect from Bat Out of Hell...

1. What can audiences expect from the show?

Audiences can expect a culmination of 20 years of Starfish antics and theatrics, rolled into an album ‘ready made’ for our style of performance. The Bat out of Hell album (which we will perform in its entirety) is a platform that few rock bands could perform with musical and theatrical accuracy, and it is an enormous challenge which we are looking forward to presenting to the audience. It will still have the Chocolate Starfish ‘live’ interpretation that we bring to all our live shows, so be prepared for familiarity coupled with dangerous interpretations. 2. What made you decide to pay homage to Meatloaf’s Bat Out Of Hell? It was an album that I cut my teeth on as a kid growing up in the country. When it was suggested that we tackle it as a show, it was surprising how revered and loved it was by all the band. Chocolate Starfish's’ first album was a variety of styles and moods, always delivered with bombastic energy and that is something that resonated with us when we considered doing Bat out of hell. From the theatrical Paradise by the dashboard light (with full make out scene) to the energy charged Bat out of Hell, to the beautiful ballads of Heaven can wait, we really relate to the variety that an album like this can provide as a live experience. 3. Can you tell me what it is about Meatloaf’s music and particularly the Bat Out Of Hell album that strikes a chord with you? Lyrically for me these songs resonate so well with my personality. I was only commenting to the band the other day how amazing Jim Steinman was to write these words at such a young age. Particularly a song like paradise, where he puts himself in the shoes of an older person coping with being married to someone he wasn’t in love with, all for the sake of a romp in the back seat of the car. Musically it is loud, full on and massive arrangements that require you to be on your game. 4. Halloween is the perfect day for a show such as this, can you please tell me why you picked this date (so I can include it in the quote)? It just seemed to fit nicely. If anyone wants to dress up as ghouls, freak and weirdos, then they will fit in nicely with the rest of us. 5. Will the show also feature some Chocolate Starfish classics? We decided that the encore should contain the Starfish classics, You’re so Vain. Mountain and 4 letter word (with perhaps another surprise or two)... Ther’es got to be a little mystery on Halloween! 6. What does the end of 2014 and 2015 hold in store for Chocolate Starfish? We have just completed recording a 6 track EP which we are mixing and piecing together as I write this. It has taken a while to get this one together, as we all live varied lives and responsibilities, but new music is something very important to us and I know it is still to Starfish fans who have waited awhile, so stay tuned.

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