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“Adam Thompson does Meat Loaf better than Meat Loaf does Meat Loaf. And Chocolate  Starfish bring just the right amount of melodrama and menace to what is a classic album.”  

Jeff Jenkins, The Music/ABC radio



‘BAT OUT OF HELL’ - at The Palms at Crown on Halloween - 31st October 2014 was a truly  smashing night!We're going to get this show on the road for all of you fans who missed out. Here's a bit of feedback from Noise 11's Paul Cashmere....





Larger-than-life Melbourne band Chocolate Starfish will take the words right out of Meat Loaf’s mouth when they perform one of the greatest rock albums ever

There is no group better suited to take on this iconic album than the band who dared to be different when they came crashing head first onto the local music scene in the early 90s with their cover of Carly Simon’s hit, ‘You’re So Vain’.Chocolate Starfish continues to live up to their reputation as the tightest and most dynamic band around. Fronted by the vivacious rock ‘n’ roll powerhouse Adam Thompson, acclaimed for his powerful voice and theatrical talent, the band will delight audiences with a riveting tribute to the famous bass lines, thundering drums, screeching guitar solos and racing piano lines of Meat Loaf’s BAT OUT OF HELL. 

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